Clevir believes in

easy access
virtual workspaces

Clevir offers a high-quality HTML5 user interface with single sign on. We can deliver legacy applications and cloud applications to the end-user, all from one workspace.

Why Clevir Works


Unmatched End-User Experiences

Offer a user interface that adapts and is optimized to ensure the best possible user experience on any device.


Fast & Easy Deployment

Admins get a single console for deployIng, managing, scheduling and brokering of Cloud-hosted virtual applications with the fastest deployment in the industry.


Powerful Hybrid Cloud Portal

Bring organizations to the hybrid cloud. Combine business-owned and Cloud-based applications and extend your portal with additional services like VOIP.


Extensive Compliance

Protect your virtual workspaces and your corporate communications and data, while aligning with regulatory requirements such as SOX & HIPAA.


Ultimate Performance and Scalability

Linear performance through desktop and memory optimization and high level integration with Microsoft with no cost bumps


Low & Predictable Costs

Our Clevir Cloudify Engine has an unmatched density and linear scalability. Reduce your upfront costs and benefit from a low TCO.

Clevir Workspace

We allow users access to virtually any application on any device, at any time. We ensure central delivery, management and security of company assets across devices and user groups.

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Front End
Front end
Back End

Clevir Cloudify Engine

Cloudify any (legacy) applications through virtualization and allow end users to access all their apps through our Hybrid Cloud Portal.

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Back end

Simple and Secure

Single sign-on access, 2-factor authentication, and encrypted data transfer.


Clevir provides a single user interface for DaaS or on-premises applications; Azure remote apps and desktops; websites; cloud-based VOIP; and virtualized applications.


Clevir makes it easy for administrators to add or remove user profiles; manage services and applications; and implement effective authentication options like RSA or Safenet. All data transfers are encrypted and fully SOX- and HIPPA-compliant.

Virtual Workspaces for the Real World

Our workspace engine delivers the best end user experience at half the cost of traditional solutions.

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