Why Our Partners Love Clevir

The Clevir Workspace is the perfect vehicle to start offering cloud applications in conjunction with legacy applications with minimal effort and lower cost.

A Fast, Seamless Transition to the Cloud


Upsell and Cross Sell

Offer additional managed services and push new applications to your customers


Higher Utilization

Higher utilization of the datacenter enables high-density, high-performance workspaces.


Minimize Disruption

Cloudify client-server applications without having to change the user experience.


Fast Deployment

Quickly deploy a complete set of business applications across the organization.


Lower Costs

Avoid licensing, hardware, or implementation costs required for Citirx or VMWare.


Investment Protection

Full integration with Microsoft with support for other popular back-end solutions.

Clevir helps its partners become "Trusted Advisors" in order to retain customers and increase market share.

The Power of Our Ecosystem


Get to Market Faster

White label portal lets service providers provide hybrid cloud services with a short go-to-market.


Stand Out from the Crowd

Cloudified applications combined with cloud services in one user interface provides market differentiation.


Deliver a Better Experience

Seamless transition to the cloud provides a high level of customer satisfaction and upsell opportunities


Balance the Books

Pay as you go / pay as you consume reduces the cost of delivery and matches revenue collection.


Rely on Expert Support

Take advantage of our migration support as you cloudify and migrate your customers’ applications remotely.


Win the Customer

Control the relationship you have with your customer - one of your most valuable business assets.

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