The old-fashioned
HR system you're
used to ...


... is a lot more
relaxing while holding
a Piña Colada


We can’t make the
administrative work at
your office more exciting ...


... but we can make you
do it in more exciting
places than your office


Bringing customers to
the cloud will always
be a roller coaster ...


... but with our help you
can enjoy the ride

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Virtual Workspaces for the Real World

The world is moving to the cloud at blazing speeds to improve productivity inside and outside of the office. We believe in virtual workspaces, not desktops. You should be able to work with what you have as well as all new applications and technology. Our solutions bridge these worlds. Simple, flexible access to all applications through a single screen from any device and from anywhere.

Why Clevir Works

Unmatched end-user experiences optimized for any device.


Clevir frees your workforce and gives them access to the information and applications they need from any device from anywhere.


Clevir’s workspace portal delivers advantages of cloud services, increases productivity, reduces costs, and improves end-user satisfaction.

Access to all applications served from anywhere


Clevir is the perfect vehicle to start using cloud applications in conjunction with your existing applications on any device – any time.

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We are devoted to our partners

We help service providers become "trusted advisors" and increase market share.


Clevir’s partner program helps you engage your customers and makes selling cloud services simple and straightforward.


Clevir help you grow your cloud services business on a pay-as-you-go, pay-as you-grow monthly subscription model.

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